Journalism On The Web Crisis !!!

Change is inevitable, Journalism like we used to know it is no more. News is evolving. Who would have ever thought that news would escape the simple black and white print and turn digital in a matter of decades. Journalism is fighting a never ending battle against fake news and social media.This knowledge is not surprising. However, what is shocking is the fact that the quality and standards of news has changed and may possibly be more widely accepted more than it’s ever been before. Is it even safe to call it news anymore? A word that seems more appropriate would be propaganda. I think it is safe to say that journalism has lost its value. Before I would have never believed that the relevance of journalism is at stake. 

The article I favored the most is Jill Lepore’s New Yorker article on journalism and the web. She talks of most news firms going out of business or being stagnant in growth for a period of time. She mentions the great lengths some firms would take such as cutting news coverage or shrinking the paper’s size. Which still was not enough to save the business. She states that the quality of news, the way it’s written, reported, covered, and edited has changed. She suggests that this reason can be the cause of fake news. Jill Abramson, a former executive states “There are not that many places left that do quality news well or even aim to do it at all,” 

This is my favorite article because it explains In great detail of what journalism used to be up until what it is today. She provides us with several examples as to why news firms and journalism are suffering. She even includes facts on the actions taken by other firms in efforts to save their organization. It was very informative and interesting. This is very unfortunate however. I find it very hard to believe in a world that does not value truth and justice. Journalism is extremely important. It is something that ought to be valued. So the mere fact that journalism isn’t thriving is depressing. 

The articles depicted Journalism on the web as being crucial to journalism as a whole. It suggests that there isn’t much money involved In online journalism. Which is weird and goes against my understanding of journalism on the web entirely. I believe that online journalism is a smart and easy investment. How can it not be, the web is easily obtainable. You would think that trading newspapers for the web would be great for business.Our world has gone digital so it’s odd that online journalism isn’t getting the attention it deserves. However, journalism’s main competitors are Facebook and Google. Which isn’t shocking at all with Facebook being one of the biggest social media platforms and Google one of the biggest technology companies and internet related services. Although Journalism has multiple organizations and firms which should be used as an advantage. But the problem at hand remains the same there aren’t enough readers. Can we save journalism?

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