A World Under Corona-virus

Written by Emiree Campbell

The Corona Virus Pandemic is upon us, the world we once knew is changing. Questions are rising on when will we be able to go outside and travel freely without the company of a mask? Or on the progress of a vaccine?

The city that never sleeps apparently does now due to COVID-19. The empty streets of 3rd Avenue on a Sunday afternoon. The businesses are all temporarily closed. Photo By Emiree Campbell.

The U.S. has by far the highest death toll and case count in the world. About more than 80,000 deaths and 1.42 million confirmed cases.The state of  New York holds the highest number of cases which is now more than 338,000 cases. 

State officials along with the Centers for Disease Control are encouraging citizens to stay indoors, and wear masks and gloves in an attempt to stop the spread. Being that Millions have already been infected. Lives have been taken, employees have been laid off, businesses have shut down. Is this the end of the world we once knew? 

According to the New York Times thirty-two  U.S states began to partially reopen. This includes beaches, state parks, and retail shops. Even restaurants and barbers were allowed to open under certain restrictions. While other states remain under lockdown into further notice from their state governors. Since they choose whether to expire or extend stay-at-home orders. The reopening of these states is a huge relief but state officials should remember to tread lightly.

Major employers of these state’s are hesitant to reopen. They feel that it is too soon to come back. They fear that reopening will cause a new wave of infections and lead to another round of closings, and they might be right. The essential companies who haven’t closed down such as pharmacies and grocery stores, are leading examples for businesses considering reopening. This has in turn caused corporations to confront and develop a series of regulations which vary from state to state. This includes social distancing and promoting good hygiene. 

While some companies have opened others have refused to and are waiting for when they deem safe to do so.

An image of a shopping plaza located on Pennsylvania Avenue. The sidewalks are empty and the stores are all temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Photo By Emiree Campbell.

Government and State Officials are pressured to reopen the economy however they are reluctant and they aren’t wrong. NY Governor Cuomo says “ I won’t sacrifice human lives to reopen the economy: The argument is absurd”. However, some citizens will argue otherwise. Across the globe people are becoming restless. They gather up and host protests and rallies expressing opposition to stay-at-home orders and demand the reopening of business. Some claim that they want to work. While others share views on the virus being a hoax.

The states that have already partially opened are at risk. According to a Bloomberg News Analysis 22 states, rates of infection are rising. It was also reported that at least 19 of these states failed to meet the White House reopening criteria.

Government officials seem to be just as lost as we are. They are sending mixed signal messages on who is allowed to reopen and under what conditions. Politicians and public health experts state that shutting down the economy was easier than reopening it will be.

According to Business Insider, scientists fear the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine will fail and we will all have to live with the ‘constant threat’ of COVID-19. The UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Christopher Whittey told a parliamentary committee on Friday that there was ‘concerning’ evidence suggesting that it may not be possible to stimulate immunity to the virus. 

Most vaccines are tested on animals, reports stated that the animal’s survival improved but the infection remained unprevented. 

“We might get a vaccine that is rather less effective, that if we vaccinated everyone at a high level of dying from this ….. we might be able to massively reduce fatalities even if there were still natural infections.” Says Whittey.

The problem at hand is that scientists and officials don’t know if  humans are able to develop a natural immunity to the Coronavirus disease if you had it for a prolonged period of time. This is important because if we don’t then it doesn’t make a vaccine possible but it makes it much less likely. Officials just don’t know yet. 

Researchers discovered that they have to look for a protective vaccine for SARS-Cov2 that is likely to be the most effective public health tool.  There are over 100 vaccines reportedly under development with seven reportedly already in clinical trials. 

According to CBS news, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testifies on progress toward a coronavirus vaccine or treatment. He says the vaccine has successfully gone through phase 1 which is the clinical trials on animals and is smoothly transiting into phase 2 trials on humans. 

There are scientists working harder and faster on finding a vaccine than ever before in the history of pandemics.

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